In 2019, 62% of the students who attended our immersion class now have their Level 1 License 

In 2019, 60% of the students who attended our immersion class now have their Level 2 License       

Level 1 and Level 2 Licensing ( Broker and Adjuster ) are offered as a one week immersion class several times  per year.

Check our schedule for dates and location of each course.

We provide material consisting of tests, exams and highlights on specific topics. 

As we go through the material we provide explanations and real life examples so you have a better understanding of the subject matter. Reading the material as well as the class instruction will provide a solid foundation for you when it comes time to write the exam.

Our material is up to date and follows the curriculum according to the Alberta Insurance Council. 


Our Company now offers a 1 day review class of each of the four CAIB courses. Immersion classes can be arranged for British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan 

Having previously taught CAIB 1 through 4 over the past 7 years we are quite familiar with course content.

Students who have taken our full classes have been successful in passing their exams and obtaining their CAIB designation.

Currently CAIB classes 1 through 4 are only offered in Alberta by the IBAA. 


We cater to brokerages who wish to supply their staff with accreditation hours. There are 10 courses available, each is listed below with the accreditation hours and a brief outline of the subject matter   

Course                                                                                                        Accreditation Hours

Fundamentals of Insurance                                                                      6.5 hours

-this class provides a one day introduction to the basics of Insurance The course is intended for any staff who may be interested in obtaining additional information about the Insurance world

Homeowners Liability                                                                                6.5 hours

-this class has an in depth review of the Homeowners Liability Policy. Some of the topics covered include: Personal Liability, Strict Liability, Premises Liability, Tenants Legal Liability, Employers Liability, Contracts, Torts, Civil Liability and Exclusions 

Fundamentals of Fraud                                                                              6.5 hours

-fraud costs everyone, this class reviews the fundamentals as well as various ways to combat fraud. Topics of discussion include: Common Factors to Consider, Statistics, Claims Investigations, Civil Lawsuits, Red Flag Indicators, Statutory Conditions, Bad Faith .

Insurance Fraud                                                                                           3 hours    

-this is also a fraud class but is a condensed version of the 6.5 hour class.

Errors and Omissions                                                                                  3 hours

-an Errors and Omissions claim against us is no joking matter. This class reviews ways to reduce the exposure as well as information regarding the most recent types of losses affecting us. Topics include: Various Causes of E&O claims, Policy sections review "Claims Made" versus "Occurrence" wordings 

Condo Coverage                                                                                           3 hours

- coverage for unit owners is different than that of a Corporation. This covers the definitions under the Condominium Act. A review of coverage under each policy, the importance of the bylaws and rising deductibles.

Directors and Officers Insurance                                                                3 hours

-if you serve on a Board of Directors, this coverage is a requirement. Discussion in this class includes: definitions of Directors and Officers and their obligations. A review of the policy wording including: extended reporting period, exclusions, defence, limits of the policy as well as " claims made" versus "occurrence"

Comprehensive General Liability                                                                3 hours

-some find the Comprehensive General Liability policy difficult to read and understand. This class outlines the Indemnifying Agreement, as well as, details surrounding the most common exclusions.

Business Interruption Insurance                                                                3 hours

-in many cases this is a coverage most business should have. Discussions are focused on the Earnings and Profits form and the differences between them.

Fundamentals of Negotiations                                                                   3 hours

-what makes a great negotiator? This course outlines various negotiating strategies such as : - attitude during negotiations - listening skills and their impact. Types of negotiating: distributive versus integrative negotiations. Steps towards a successful negotiation or        403-585-8161